Haskell, Elm, and CQRS

Mark Bucciarelli


A headshot of meI love to learn new stuff.

And when I get excited about a topic, I want to tell everyone about it. My wife and kids are used to this by now, and despite not understanding my latest tech enthusiasm, they nod and smile at how excited I get.

But there are some things that I don't even try to explain to them. It’s too technical, there’s too much background. For example,

  • assignment operator in Erlang is a friggen pattern matching expression! and
  • two really hard problems in SQL databases (maintaining indexes and replication) are done using event logs!

So that’s why I’m creating this space … to give me a place to get this stuff out of my system.

I’m going to focus on the two three topics that currently fascinate me:

  1. the Erlang programming language, and
  2. Haskell, I switched from Erlang to Haskell and Elm in February 2017. You can read why in So long Erlang, it’s been great!
  3. Elm, and
  4. the command and query responsibility separation pattern, commonly called “CQRS.”

You can find my publicly auditable identity at keybase.io and an RSS feed for this blog at /feed.rss.